Support and Services

Living with MS can be very challenging. But through the support offered by the MS Society, you don't have to face these challenges on your own.

I would like to comment on what a wonderful supporter my local chapter has been....MSers in this region truly have a sense of community; none of us are alone. I am so thankful for ongoing research but I pray that we don't forget to meet the needs of people who are currently suffering and need the support of local chapters like mine." ~ MS Society Nation-wide Client Services Survey 2004

The MS Society of Canada does its utmost to meet the needs of Canadians living with MS, but these programs are dependent on locally raised funds being available.

Information and referral

The most frequent request that the MS Society receives from people diagnosed with multiple sclerosis is for information about the disease. You can turn to the MS Society to find credible and reliable information about MS diagnosis, symptoms, treatments, research, programs and other topics such as employment, insurance and family issues. Publications, chapter informational sessions, Webcasts, Nation-wide educational events and more....

I live been living in a rural area for the past 4 years and have greatly missed the support and services of the MS Society. I have maintained contact through the BC and Canada newsletters which has been appreciated.

We provide resources to meet your needs, whether you have MS, are a caregiver of someone with multiple sclerosis, a spouse or partner, a parent of a child with MS, or a teen with MS.

Supportive counselling

The MS Society of Canada can help you navigate the challenges that multiple sclerosis presents through our supportive counselling services. Supportive counselling provides people with MS and their families and friends with reliable, up-to-date information on multiple sclerosis, a compassionate and accepting space in which to share their questions or thoughts. We can also help you identify options or solutions to your unique concerns and circumstances. We're here for you on the phone, by email, and through your chapter, in person.

The MS Society chapters have been invaluable to me. When I was diagnosed as a teenager the Regina [chapter of the MS]Society made all the difference. There was always someone to talk to and provide my parents and myself with lots of information. It was because of their services we made a relatively smooth translation into a life with MS.
I have always appreciated my provincial division. There has always been someone to listen and offer support.

Support and self-help groups

It may be difficult at times to talk about MS-related symptoms with family and friends who may not grasp what it is like - but it can be very helpful talking to other people who share, or have shared, similar experiences.

I live in a rural setting, so can't get out much. I truly appreciate being able to connect with my local self-help group. They have been my savior.

Recreation and social programs

Recreation programs provide opportunities for people living with MS to have fun, highlight the positive, rediscover old pleasures and regain self- confidence. They encourage people with multiple sclerosis to try new activities, get together with others, make new friends and to mingle in a friendly and caring atmosphere. Some of the programs offered include T'ai chi classes and yoga classes, holiday events, nationwide camp for children with MS and couples retreats.

For me the best thing about the Camp for Kids and Teens with MS was everything!

Financial assistance and other funding

The MS Society offers two types of funding; equipment purchase and permanent loan as well as special assistance programs. There are additional programs across the country available to meet the diverse needs of our clients including camps, scholarship programs and children's recreation subsidies

I am so grateful to you for my wheelchair and my scooter that I received from you...they changed my life, got me out of my house.
I am not presently in need of equipment such as a wheelchair and do not attend conferences or workshops. However I am aware and thankful that the MS Society is there to assist and support me if and when I do need it.

I go out of my way to explain and/or thank all the people who contribute to MS by walking, cycling, reading [fundraisers]. I have told them how their help and unselfishness has enhanced my life and how I have seen the differences their contribution has made in my life. There is a great amount of positive changes and they must be aware that they are responsible. Thanks.