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It is so unbelieveable, I'm in awe

Posted on Feb 25, 2011

On January 31, 2011, in Newport Beach California, I attended the office of one of the doctors from the Pacific Interventalists with a short list of questions.

The consultation lasted about 45 minutes with the doctor answering all the concerns before we had a chance to ask them. The procedure took place early afternoon and lasted approximately 30 minutes. I was awake during the surgery and felt no pain as I was mildly sedated. After 2 hours in recovery I went back to the hotel with my wife, with instructions to rest until the follow up appointment the following day at 4 PM. During this appointment it was explained to us that the vein on the left hand side of my neck had not drained completely and I would be on blood thinners for 2 weeks.

The following day I woke up, stood up, and I could feel the vein draining and my life was beginning to change.

My head had always felt heavy and movement had been laboured but now it was light and no exertion was required to turn or nod my head. My fatigue had disappeared. My daily nap of 2 to 3 hours was no longer required and I was able to enjoy a full day again. Walking required no effort and I was now walking straight again. I can enjoy long walks without being winded and completely exhausted. Extreme heat previously would totally drain me of all energy and make me nauseous. Now it has little, if any,effect on me.

These changes were within a day. It is so unbelieveable, I'm in awe.

When it comes to quality of life for people with disabilities this procedure should be available to all with MS without having to leave the country at great personal expense.