Champions League bets, the best football in Europe. There is no competition in the world that can overshadow the Champions League. Every year, the world of football comes to a standstill before the Champions League final. But the best thing is that we have games practically all year round, from the first ones before the grand final. In our Champions League betting comparator you will find the most complete comparison. We analyze more than 20 bookmakers to help you with your bets on the Champions League.

Bets on the Champions League

The best teams in the world face each other with the dream of being crowned European champions. Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atlético, Liverpool, Manchester City, Chelsea, Bayern Munich, PSG, Juventus, Inter, Ajax… Aspiring to lift the famous “orejona”, the title that everyone wants. How could it be otherwise, the bookmakers offer us their best bets on the Champions League. The tournament can be defined in three phases:

  • Previous phases: they begin with the preliminary phase of the Champions League in June and end in August with the third qualifying round. Except for the preliminary final four, they are round-trip eliminatory.
  • Group stage of the Champions League: starts in September and ends in December. There are six days where the teams cross each other twice. The first two advance.
  • Champions League qualifiers: the 1/8 starts in February, and throughout March, April and May the 1/4 and the semifinals of the tournament are played, which will culminate in May with the grand final.

This has not always been the case, and the tournament has been increasing the number of teams and matches in recent years. In 1955 it began as the European Cup, only with the League champions; and until 1991 the groups were not added. The current format begins in the 92-93 season, when the European Cup becomes the Champions League. Only the chosen ones will be able to reach the game that everyone wants to play.

Betting odds for the Champions League

Betting odds for the Champions League

With 16 matches each day, being able to bet with the best odds is key to making the most of every euro played. Therefore, in the Champions League betting comparator at you will find the best odds to bet on the Champions League. From the time the market opens until the end of the match, you will be able to check the best prematch and live odds for your Champions League bets on the winner of the match, as well as the most popular soccer betting markets among bettors:

  • double chance
  • both score
  • total goals
  • correct marker
  • half-time/finish
  • Asian Handicap
  • Tie, bet void
  • First team to score?
  • win both halves
  • Both teams score in both halves
  • Odd or even corners
  • Goal in both halves
  • Odd or Even Total Goals

The odds that you will find in the betting comparator are updated in real time. Thus, changes are reflected instantly. In addition to checking how the bet is paid in each bookie, if you click on the statistics button you will see how the odds evolve in that bookmaker. Has risen? Has it gone down? What trend do you have? Information that can be decisive when looking for value Champions League bets.

Odds to winner of the Champions League

Who will win the Champions League? In recent years, English teams seem to have broken the dominance of Spanish football, with the permission of Bayern and PSG. It is also necessary to take into account the signings, the moment of the season or the crossings, since from 1/8 if two favorites to win the Champions League face each other. Long-term bets are always interesting, although anything is possible in the Champions League.

If we look at the bets for the 2022 Champions League, Manchester City and PSG are the favourites. Of course, none have ever won the title and the orejona is an obsession. Very close in the Champions League winner bets is Bayern Munich. A little step behind appear Chelsea and Liverpool, ahead of a Manchester United that with Cristiano Ronaldo wins integers. Further away would be Real Madrid, Juventus, Atlético Madrid, Borussia, Ajax, Inter or Barcelona.

Betting tips for the Champions League

Betting tips

Being able to access the best betting odds for Champions League allows us to identify the odds with the most value. Betting with the best odds is the best Champions League betting trick. If the odds are falling but still good, it means you have a lot of value. If it goes up, there is something that we might miss and not have as much value. Analyzing the statistics and following the Champions League forecasts that we offer you will also help you in your Champions League bets.

Champions League Final Bets

May 28, the 2021-2022 Champions League final was played. Who will succeed Chelesa as European champion? Will the blues repeat? Will the first title come from Manchester City or PSG? We won’t know until then, but when we know the teams that will be at the Krestovsky in Saint Petersburg and the Champions League final bets open, in our betting comparator you will find the best odds to bet on the 2022 Champions League final.

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