One of the concerns of users who have been betting for a while is to find bookmakers that do not limit. Do they exist? Are they legal? What limit do bookmakers apply?

When anyone registers with a bookmaker, they do so with one goal: to win. It is clear that responsible gambling is gambling for fun, to add more excitement to your favorite sports. But we also want to earn extra money with sports betting. However, there comes a point where we can find certain limitations. This will lead us to look for bookmakers that do not limit. And this is where that red line appears that we should not cross.

Why do bookmakers limit?

bookmakers limit

Before we talk about bookmakers that do not limit, we have to ask ourselves how we got into this situation. As you well know, as a general rule we bet against the bookmaker. This means that if you win, the bookmaker loses. Although there are bookies like Marathonbet or Efbet that apply a 0% margin, they all take a small margin with your bets. Even so, each bet won by a player is money that the bookie loses. In a way, they limit to protect their interests.

Let us bear in mind that, if they did not limit, we could find that the bookmakers would not have enough capacity to pay certain bets. This practice also allows bookmakers to protect themselves against odds errors, large bets on competitions that are not well known but are controlled by the user, etc. At the same time, gambling legislation establishes deposit limits to prevent risky behaviors that can lead to gambling.

Remember that at the time of registering in any bookie we accept the terms and conditions of the same. In this small print that, realistically, 99% of bettors do not read, the possibility of being limited is specified. Of course, there is no standard criteria when it comes to limiting users. The general maximum bet limits are something tangible, common to all users. But the limitation to the so-called high-rollers is in the hands of each operator.

What bookmakers do not limit?

This situation leads bettors with more experience, those who could be classified as professionals or semi-professionals, to look for bookmakers that do not limit. And they often run into Asian bookmakers. It is a series of bookies that operate outside the law, since they do not comply with the regulations governing gambling. Therefore, they do not have the corresponding license from the General Directorate for the Regulation of Gambling (DGOJ) necessary to operate.

For this reason, it is not advisable to use these bookmakers that work illegally. Not only do they lack the authorization of the DGOJ, they also do not adapt to the regulations of other European jurisdictions, as well as of countries or territories that have a regulatory entity or a gambling commission such as Colombia, Mexico, Gibraltar, the Island of Man Curaçao, Nevada, etc.

The main reason to bet on these illegal operators is that they are bookmakers that do not limit. Or, in the case of doing so, they apply much more lax limits than those that we can find. However, the fact of living outside the law leaves the player in a situation of total vulnerability in situations of fraud or abuse. In case of suffering any problem, his claims will not be covered.

No Limit Bookmakers

No Limit Bookmakers

As is often the case, there is one exception to this situation: exchange bookmakers. If in a conventional operator we play against the bookie, in what are also known as crossed bets we bet against another user. In this case, the bookmaker does not cease to be a mere intermediary -as such, it will take its commission- but it will not be affected by the result of the bet. For this reason, the limits are practically non-existent.

This type of betting is perfectly regulated by the DGOJ, although Betfair Exchange is the only cross betting house that we find in our country. In the past there were alternatives like Quiver, whose career was fleeting. Thus, our advice if you are looking for bookmakers that do not limit is to try Betfair Exchange and do not play under any circumstances in unlicensed bookmakers.

Bookmakers with high limits

Given the situation, instead of looking for bookmakers that do not limit, we can review the fine print of the operators authorized by the DGOJ to hunt for bookmakers with higher limits. To avoid this job for you, at we have read the T&C of the many bookies that operate in our country, and we present you the bookmakers with the highest limit, always licensed by the DGOJ.

In conclusion, we do not find bookmakers that do not limit beyond crossed bets. However, the different operators authorized to operate in our country have high limits for the average player. With more than 40 licensed bookmakers, we have plenty of options to play recreationally without having to worry about the limits that bookies apply.

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